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Interstate Highway I-81 a Continual Cause for Concern

Posted on Jul 17, 2010

Wednesday was just another example of the dangers of driving on I-81, especially as far as tractor trailers are concerned.  I-81 in Virginia is notorious for the amount of tractor trailer accidents that occur each year, and this week saw another one near Buchanan, VA where a tractor trailer flipped on an interstate ramp, spilling the contents of its load, or 31,000 pounds of steel to be exact.

The driver of the tractor trailer was charged with failure to maintain control of the vehicle, and thankfully, no one was injured in the crash.  However, the incident was not without inconvenience; southbound lanes of the interstate were closed for 2.5 hours, and the traffic was backed up for miles.

I-81 Truck Flip

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