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What To Do After a Car Accident

Tips for Handling the Damage to Your Car after an Accident

Car accidents happen every day. Whether or not the accident was your fault, T. Vaden Warren, Jr. explains what you should do after a car accident resulting in property damage to your vehicle. If you have questions about insurance coverage, as in who pays for damage to your car, this article will help to answer those questions.

Collecting Information at the Scene of an Accident

Everything you need to know about what information to collect following an accident. Make sure to ask the other driver for information which can be found on their driver's license as well as for insurance information. Most imporantly, take pictures if a camera is available to you and do not admit to any blame at the scene of the accident.

Explaining your Right to Go on a Green Light

A green light is not an automatic go. One must use ordinary care when traveling through an intersection on a green light in Virginia. It may not be entirely your fault if you get hit while going through a green light, but you could be found negligent if the other car was lawfully in the intersection.

Virginia Traffic Fatalities Low in 2009

Traffic fatalities in Virginia are at their lowest rate since 1966 with 750 deaths occuring on Virginia roads last year. Charlottesville injury attorney Vaden Warren along with the Virginia State Police attribute the decrease partly to increased seat belt use.

Virginia Leads Research Efforts in Making Cars Safer for Pregnant Women

Virginia leads research efforts in making cars safer for pregnant women and their unborn children. Virginia auto accidents occur frequently, and sometimes, pregnant women and their babies are injured in auto accidents in Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Central Virginia, etc...

Who Gets the Money from Children's Cases?

Unfortunately, accidents do not only affect adults. Children are often injured in Virginia automobile accidents as well. Many people wonder who gets the money from a child's personal injury case. Short answer: children get the money from Virginia auto accident cases. Parents can get money from Virginia auto accident children's cases only if it comes in the form of reimbursement for medical bills. Claims of this nature must be filed separately from the child's injury case in Virginia.

Contributory Negligence Unfair to Virginia Car Accident Victims

Only 4 states and the District of Columbia enforce strict contributory negligence laws. Virginia car accident victims who can be proven even the slightest bit negligent are barred from making a recovery in the courts. Virginia personal injury attorney Vaden Warren feels that this law creates an unfair situation for victims of auto accidents in Virginia.