Why should I be cautious about when dealing with insurance companies in Virginia automobile accident cases?

People seem to have a general misconception that insurance companies exist to take care of them in their time of need.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  The insurance industry is notorious for denying the claims of their insured, going so far as to use deceptive techniques to exclude individuals from the compensation they deserve. Insurance companies have a great number of talented attorneys working to ensure that they don't have to pay out a cent more than they have to, and these attorneys deal with injury claims on a daily basis.  The bottom line: do NOT trust your insurance company.

An attorney that has experience in Virginia auto accident cases can help neutralize the insurance company.  They deal with defense attorneys on a daily basis and understand what information to disclose at what time.  You have probably all heard the terms "ambulance chaser" or "frvilous lawsuit" at some point in your life, common stereotypes of a personal injury lawyer.  In working with an experienced, trustworthy Virginai personal injury attorney, however, you will find that these stereotypes DO NOT apply.  A good personal injury attorney genuinely cares about your well being and want to see you make a recovery.  Unfortunately, sometimes if you deal with insurance companies on your own, they realize that you are inexperienced and infamiliar with the legal process and may take advantage of that fact.

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