What are the odds that I will win my case if I decide to decline a settlement offer and take my case to court?

Even as an experienced Charlottesville personal injury attorney, it is impossible for me to estimate the odds of winning in court without knowing the specifics of your Virginia injury case.  As an injury attorney who devotes personal attention to each and ever case that I take, I will be able to discuss your options with you as I get more familiar with your individual case.  As I've mentioned before, your case isn only worth what a jury will award you at trial, and each jury is made up of individuals with biases that are impossible to judge before the trial actually takes place.  Also, as more and more cases are being publicized as "frivolous lawsuits," jurors are becoming more skeptical and cynical about the civil process.  For example, Linsday Lohan recently sued to makers of an etrade commercial for using the name "Lindsay" in their commercial.  While these cases are certainly the exception and not the rule, they make the news, which in turn, affects public opinion.

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