I have not finished treating but I want to settle my Charlottesville, Virginia Personal Injury Case. What does this mean for me?


Keep in mind that once you are ready to settle your case, the insurance company is not going to pay for "future" treatment. They are paying in full for your case and will not make any additional payments to you after it is settled. Many people are confused when the insurance company tells them that they will pay for the bills. However, they do not mean they will pay for all bills for the rest of your life if you continue to exhibit problems; they will only pay for the treatment you have already had at the time of settlement. If you are still having problems and are continuing to see a doctor, it is in your best interest to wait until after you finished treating before you decide to discuss settlement. While your doctor may recommend surgery, it does not mean anything until after you have the surgery. The insurance company will not be willing to pay for treatment that you may end up not having at all. 

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