What are medical releases? Why has the insurance company asked me to sign one?


In many Charlottesville, Virginia Personal Injury Cases, insurance companies may ask victims to sign a medical release. Medical releases allow the insurance company access to all of your health care records. When you sign one for the insurance company, you have essentially agreed to allow them to request any medical history, even history not related to the accident. If you are handling your own claim, without the assistance of an attorney, it may be a good idea to gather your own medical records and bills and provide them directly to the insurance company rather than allowing them access to your personal information. Once you have signed the release, you are not able to regulate what they receive from your doctor's office. An attorney would screen the records before passing them onto the insurance company and would provide only the relevant information. There may be a chance, however small, that the insurance company will view something in your medical records that will cause them to deny your claim. Doctors are not always accurate in what they report and sometimes they make mistakes in the medical records, so it is important to filter the records whenever possible, particularly if you have a history of medical issues. In the case of hiring an attorney, you will have to sign medical authorizations for the attorney to obtain copies of medical bills and records and to discuss your case and treatment with your doctor, however, your attorney is working for you and an insurance company is working for themselves. 

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