I was recently injured in a Virginia car accident. What do I do with my medical bills if my health insurance is under MEDICAL EXPENSE COVERAGE?

Even if you think the other driver was to blame for the accident, you should still pay your medical bills if you have private health insurance. Your first priority should be to pay those bills, even if you expect to receive money from a lawsuit. Not paying them will result in medical providers calling you for the full amount. Even though you have to pay co-pays and deductibles, you should still make sure those medical bills are paid for. Then, should you bring a lawsuit, you can sue for that amount in court.

Medical Expense Coverage is a coverage that is carried on your car. You should still have your bills sent to your health insurance carrier before you using your medical expense coverage after a car accident. Your health insurance should receive the medical bills first, despite what any medical provider may tell you. The only reason the provider wants you to bill your medical expense coverage is because they want to receive the full amount of the bill, not what your health insurance will pay them for. Do not allow them to do this. You pay premiums on your health insurance and should therefore be able to use it.

In court, your potentially recovery is substantial with medical expense coverage. After your bills are paid by your health insurance, you can then claim that money in your lawsuit. If you have medical expense coverage, the bills are covered a third time. What happens, basically, is that you have paid for two coverages and have also been reimbursed by a third one. Keep in mind that you are still paying premiums for those two coverages though.

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