I was injured in a Virginia car accident, where should I send my medical bills?


If you were injured in a Virginia automobile accident, you should make sure all of your medical bills are sent to your health insurance company. While the automobile insurance company for the person who caused the wreck may tell you to send the bills to them, you should not expect that they will be paid timely or paid at all.

Health Insurance

The main reason you want you own health insurance to pay is that you want the bills paid on time. You do not want to wait and have the medical providers hounding you and threating to sue you for the bills.

A secondary reason is that your health insurance will pay a reduced amount for the bills. When it is time to settle the case you can claim the full amount of the bill not just what your heath insurance company paid. The difference goes to you because you are the person that paid the premium for the health insurance.

At the end of the case, you may or may not have to reimburse your insurance company for what they paid for your treatment. Whether or not you have to repay them depends on the type of health insurance that you have.

Workers Compensation

If you are injured in a Virginia car accident while working, your bills should be sent to your Workers Compensation Carrier. At the end of the car accident case, you will need to reimburse the Workers Compensation Insurance company for the money they paid in medical expenses less a percentage for attorneys fees and cost.

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