I was injured in a Virginia car accident, do I need an attorney to handle my pesonal injury case?


You may or may not need an attorney to help you if you are injured in a Virginia car accident.

When You May Not Need an Attorney

You may be able to resolve the case with the insurance company on your own if:

     -you were not injured eventhough you were taken to the emergency room and checked out

     -you were injured but you made a quick recovery and had only a doctor visit or two

     -you were sore after that accident but did not seek any medical treatment

     -there was no damage to the cars and you injuries were very minor

In these situations, an attornye is not likely to help very much.  The Warren Firm does not handle these cases, but I will be glad to explain to someon what they need to do.

When You Probably Need an Attorney

In most other situation an attorney may be able to help you.  Insurance compnanies are making more and more low ball offers and issues with medicare and private health insurance become more frequent and complex. 

In many Virginia car accident cases, the injured party is going to fair better working with an experienced attorney.  Remember that the insurance companies have good attorneys and adjusters that are working to compensate you a little as possible.  You should consider working with someone that can look out for your interest.

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